version 0.0.1 scope: [RELEASED 2004-08-07]

a. Link tab
b. Signal tab
c. Signal History tab
d. About tab

version 0.0.1 to do:

1. Complete signal tab. [DONE]
2. Data box implementation. [DONE]
3. Progress bar coloring via rc file. [DONE]
4. Implement link tab. [DONE]
5. Implement about tab - initial version.[DONE]
6. Add icon - initial version. [DONE]

version 0.0.2 scope: [RELEASED 2004-08-18]

a. Traffic tab
b. Traffic History tab

version 0.0.2 to do:

1. Implement traffic tab. [DONE]
2. Implement traffic history tab. [DONE]
3. Add coloring support for traffic controls.[DONE]
4. Correct colors and databox bar sizes. [DONE]
5. Change max rate on demand. [DONE]
6. Total values support. [DONE]
7. Bitmap files rename. [DONE]

version 0.0.3 scope: [RELEASED 2004-08-31]

a. Command line arguments support.

version 0.0.3 to do:

1. Add bandwidth argument support. [DONE]
2. Add delay argument support. [DONE]
3. Add rawdata argument support. [DONE]
4. Add timeout argument support. [DONE]
5. Add silent argument support. [DONE]

version 0.0.4 scope: [RELEASED 2004-09-16]

a. Take status bar in to use.
b. New icon.
c. New data rate widget.

version 0.0.4 to do:

1. Show device in the status bar. [DONE]
2. Show interface status in the status bar.[DONE]
3. Create new icon. [DONE]
4. Change argument 'silent' to 'verbose'. [DONE]
5. New data rate widget. [DONE]

version 0.1.0 scope: [RELEASED 2004-10-20]

a. Settings tab

version 0.1.0 to do:

1. Implement Settings tab.[DONE]

version 0.1.1 scope:

a. Options tab

version 0.1.1 to do:

1. Implement options tab.

version 0.1.2 scope:

a. About tab

version 0.1.2 to do:

1. Implement about tab.
2. Create new image for about tab.
3. Language support.

version 0.2.0 scope:

a. WEP tab

version 0.2.0 to do:

1. Implement WEP tab.

Latest version

This version could be used just with FreeBSD ACX100 driver.

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