2005-09-22: Site was reimplemented using PHP and moved from LeoZ ORG to

2004-11-04: Some links were added.

2004-10-20: Version 0.1.0 released. Added device settings configuration.

2004-09-16: Version 0.0.4 released. Added status bar support. New data rate widget.
NOTE: Previous versions were removed from the site.

2004-09-07: WEB page layout changed.

2004-08-31: Version 0.0.3 released. Added command line options.

2004-08-18: Version 0.0.2 released. Added traffic monitoring.

2004-08-07: First version released: 0.0.1.

Latest version

This version could be used just with FreeBSD ACX100 driver.

Current version
FreeBSD port